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Around the World, Home for a Visit – Off Again!

June 20, 2016

It’s June – and time for a collage-style recap of where I have traveled since I made the big move to “location indie” last fall.

After spending a few months getting ready, I decided my trip would last six months, starting in Europe in shoulder season, moving on to Asia in early December, and ending up with the last six weeks “down under” before flying back to California. I booked only the beginning and ending transoceanic flights. I wanted to travel overland as much as possible, making up my itinerary as I went. Why? Because it’s more fun that way, and I could learn along the way how best to do it!

I started in Berlin, then traveled north by train, ferry and bus to Norway, Sweden and Finland. From Finland I headed south to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (the fascinating Baltic states), then on to Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Italy. From Milan it was a short hop to Slovenia; from there my last stop in Europe was Croatia.

A dream trip starts

I flew to Dubai in early December, then on to southern India. Landing in Trivandrum, India late one night, I headed by train to Varkala in the morning. In Varkala I wrote more posts for this blog – while sipping mango lassis at the clifftop restaurants overlooking the Arabian Sea. As the weather got hotter, I headed north to Rajasthan via Kochi. On Christmas Eve, I enjoyed a Shirodara massage in Udaipur! My favorite places in Rajasthan were Udaipur, Ranakpur, and Jodhpur. After a very quiet and reflective new year’s eve, I left India via Chennai, heading to Bangkok.

Dubai to India

I spent January in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Bali. My favorite spots were Chiang Mai, the Cameron Highlands, and Ubud.

I confess that I even liked Singapore – a very green and well-run city with great restaurants and a pod capsule hotel!

South East Asia

From Ubud, I headed south to Melbourne. After a few days of sightseeing there, I took a terrific backpacker tour along the coast and up through the Grampians National Park. I enjoyed a house-sit in Adelaide for two weeks (another productive blogging spot!). My last stop in Australia was in Sydney.

Before I left Adelaide, I knew I was going to become a “real” digital nomad – one who earns money while traveling. That way I could continue to explore the world after my visit home in April. Why not – there is so much more to explore, and it’s my passion!

Australia - around the world

From Sydney I flew to Christchurch – New Zealand would be my last country on this trip. It was fascinating to see and learn about all the reconstruction of Christchurch since the devastating earthquake of 2011. From there I traveled around the South Island by bus and car, enjoying Lake Tekapo, Wanaka, Oturehua, Fox Glacier, the Pancake Rocks, Fox River, Abel Tasman, and Nelson. My last stop in this wonderful and friendly country – and my last stop on the entire six month trip – was in the beautiful port city of Wellington.

New Zealand

For a few weeks before my return, I was nervous about the re-entry to California. Would I feel the urge to settle back down? Feel pressured to conform, stop being a nomad and get back in the rat race? Or would I mostly celebrate my amazing six month trip and get ready for exploring Central and South America?

The answer rang clear as a bell – celebrate this trip, anticipate the next adventures, and carry on!

Home Visit

I had a great month in California seeing my friends. I also took care of filing taxes, reorganizing the bins of stuff that remained after the downsizing last summer, and other tasks.

I spent a gorgeous spring week in Vancouver and Bellingham to see more loved ones, then flew to Guadalajara, where I was warmly received in an artist collective. For two weeks, I enjoyed the colonial cities of Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende.


While in Mexico, I completed an Ebook that I started in Bellingham – 10 Creative Ways to Fund your Dream Trip – which you get by signing up on this blog. I also had fun shooting video (especially with fireworks going off in the park!)

In Columbia I launched an online course called Your Dream Trip Gets Real: The 21 Day Challenge to inspire and guide those who yearn for travel adventures.

I am happy to share all I have learned about how to travel inexpensively, nimbly, safely, and happily around the world!

At the end of May, I embarked on a 13-day off-season “nomad cruise” from Cartagena, Columbia to Lisbon, Portugal – an exciting opportunity to learn from and enjoy the company of like-minded digital nomads. It was also an incredible off-season deal (you know by now I love a deal!)

I hope you liked my collages!

See you on the road,