Stop Work Travel | Nordic Hardiness Part 2: The No Lavatory Flight

Nordic Hardiness Part 2: The No Lavatory Flight

February 19, 2016


Can the Nords of today, for example, endure a flight from Southeast Asia to Scandinavia – 11 hours – with no urge to visit the loo?

I was waiting for my flight to Malaysia from an airport in a small city in Thailand. There was a large Swedish tour group checking in for their return flight home.

I heard a stunning announcement.

This was on a day in January – it was not April Fool’s day.

The airline informed the Swedish passengers that the airplane lavatories were not working, and there was no service available to repair the plumbing in this small city. “We do apologize. Please be sure to use the airport bathrooms before boarding the plane.”


The passengers obediently visited the airport restrooms, as requested. No one made a fuss. The mom beside me joked that she might auction off her toddler’s diapers to the highest bidder.

I tried to find out later what happened on this flight. Did the airline make an emergency stop halfway? Provide buckets?

Would not having lavatories become a new standard for budget airlines? (After all, these airlines took away the food, then the drinks!)

This was not a budget airline, though. I was curious enough to email an inquiry to the airline’s customer service. No response.

Would you board the plane? Do you think this was a hoax? Let me in the comments!