Stop Work Travel | Still Postponing your Travel Dreams? 25 Ways to End all Excuses

Still Postponing your Travel Dreams? 25 Ways to End all Excuses

January 19, 2016

You can get what you want or you can just get old.
–Billy Joel

The World is Waiting for You!

The World is Waiting for You!

For years I believed in my own stories of lack. I had reasons for not traveling that I didn’t question. Single mom. Work full time. Spend vacations visiting far-away family. If I had money I didn’t have the time, or vice-versa.

My perspective has changed drastically since those days!

Of course it had to look different before I set out – that was a process.

The biggest game-changer for me was consuming a steady diet of travel podcasts about how to travel further, cheaper, and more frequently.

The ZeroToTravel and ExtraPackOfPeanuts podcasts are my favorites – fun to listen to, and packed with tips. Jason Moore and Travis Sherry, the hosts, are two passionate travelers dedicated to helping others travel. They have a bottomless bag of tips, and interview expert guests who are succeeding in their own specialties. Like Tim Leffel, who writes about cheap destinations, Emily Utter, who coaches adventurous entrepreneurs how to create 6 figure incomes, and many others.

It’s true that not everyone can travel. I am very grateful that I can.

Jason and Trav know that more people would travel if their money and time concerns were addressed. So that’s what they focus on. (Check their websites for full details on everything they teach.)

Not Enough Money?

Here is a quick look at strategies and tactics discussed on podcasts and blogs that upended my concepts about travel – ways to reduce expenses, create new income and get support.

Travel in the off-season. Pick the cheapest day of the season to fly. Jump on mistake airfares before the airline catches on. Rent out a room before and during travel. Live in a smaller place / cheaper neighborhood. Move to a place (another region or country) where your living expenses are 40-70% less. Start freelancing and advertise your services. Become an affiliate marketer. Teach online. Blog or podcast to build a following. Get short or long term house sitting gigs in countries you want to visit. Consider a job-for-now that includes travel. Go location independent, freeing yourself of bills from home. Sell stuff you no longer need or want. Ride share. Take the train and bus on non-peak days. Look for discounts offered only online. Cook at home instead of eating out. Stay in hostels and home stays. Compare the best rates online. Stay longer and negotiate a lower rate. Share accommodation. Volunteer with international organizations that provide room and board. Work with an accountability buddy who gets you. Join a mastermind group.

Not Enough Time?

If you don’t have much time, note that I just helped by fire-hosing 25 strategies at you! (You’re welcome!!)

Take a moment right now: highlight 3 strategies you could work with to create new side income, and 3 ways you could start saving on expenses. What pops out for you? What suddenly seems doable that you never considered before? Let me know in the comments!

Many people are now creating side incomes so they can leave full time jobs, thereby freeing up time, as well as finding smarter ways to work that include a travel lifestyle. There are digital nomads right here in Chiangmai Mai, Thailand, where I am writing to you, who enjoy an interesting and budget-friendly lifestyle while they build an online business.

Want to travel more but not sure how? Connect with and learn from those who are doing it.

I couldn’t have embarked on my world trip without the advice and encouragement of travel experts and my friends.

The photos show just a few places I’ve been inspired to visit recently – from Cambodia to Italy, Norway and Lithuania.

What were my most powerful strategies to travel more? Here they are, in a nutshell. Before I left to travel the world, I was living cheaply and downsizing. I made a good income and saved diligently. Now I live a location-independent lifestyle as I travel the world, with very few fixed expenses.

In this blog I share details of all the strategies I am using, and how it is going – 16 at last count, including my new house-sitting gig!

Choose the ones that sound viable for you, and prepare well.

And beware, dear reader, that you could end up like me – with no more excuses, and having the time of your life traveling the world!

See you on the road!


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